2. Sterile Non-Hazardous Compounding Room

Includes one (1) 4' laminar flow hood and one (1) cleanroom grade chair.

Introducing our most economical USP797 mobile cleanroom.  Designed to be placed in an indoor location this 7'-9" wide by 16' long cleanroom comes with a gowning room and a separate workroom with a 4' Laminar Flow Hood.  

 Mobile Cleanrooms - Sterile Non-Hazardous USP797

1. Gowning Room.  The gowning room includes a red line of demarcation to separate the room into a "clean" and "dirty" side, as well as a heat-welded high density polypropylene gowning bench.  Fully skirted 316 stainless steel sink deep enough for finger to elbow scrubbing. The sink includes an infrared hands free faucet with an integrated eye wash / drench shower.


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2 Separate areas


Motorized HEPA filters are utilized in order to provide the required ISO classifications. The gowning room operates at ISO Class 8 and the sterile non-hazardous room operates at ISO Class 7 with the Laminar Flow Hood providing the ISO Class 5 direct compounding area. The HEPA filters have ceiling mounted challenge ports for easy injection of the aerosol challenge that is required for leak testing the filters every 6 months during certification. 

The cleanroom is engineered to maintain less than 68 F and less than 60% relative humidity. 

The suite includes a wall mounted touchscreen thermostat that displays current temperature and relative humidity values. 

There are two differential pressure gauges mounted to the right of the main entry door to the suite that provides the differential pressures readings for the two rooms. Both the gowning room and the sterile compounding room will maintain a differential pressure greater than 0.02 in. wc. 


Fiberglas Reinforced Plastic (FRP) walls and ceilings that offers impact resistance and able to stand up to cleaning chemicals. 

Doors are full glazed with anodized aluminum frames including hands free automatic sliding door for entry into the sterile compounding room.  

The entire suite includes seamless, heat-welded sheet vinyl flooring with a 6" cove around all walls. 

 The suite includes cleanroom grade LED light fixtures that are completely sealed 

 The suite includes a flush mount window so there are no ledges within the classified space.