MDI offers a wide selection of re-locatable mobile cleanrooms available for monthly rental, long-term lease, or purchase. These labs can be delivered and setup quickly to meet your demands in a short amount of time. MDI re-locatable cleanrooms and compounding labs can be rented for use during renovation, new construction, short-term projects, emergency response, project overflow, and seasonal demand.

How the Process Works


Monthly Rentals of mobile Cleanrooms

Mobile Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

Mobile Cleanroom


Once your requirements have been identified, MDI personnel will provide a cleanroom suited for your facility from our in-stock supply of cleanrooms. This cleanroom will be fully inspected and operational prior to leaving our facility. Once our personnel delivers the lab to your site, they will you assist you in connecting the lab to utilities. Once the lab has been cleared for use by appropriate parties, we will be available to support you in the maintenance of the lab while you are using it. Keep it as long as you’d like. When you are done with the lab, call us and we will take it away. It is that easy! 

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Mobile Clean Room